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Using our International network we can source and supply these products to Law Enforcement and Defence Sector Clients.

Personal Protective Equipment, Vehicle Armor

Soft body armor is used in regular bullet and stab resistant vests, and hard armor, which is rigid reinforced body armor, and is, used in high risk situations by police tactical units and combat soldiers. Protective head gear mainly refers to high-quality helmets made of ballistic materials such as Kevlar and aramid, which possess excellent bullet and fragmentation stopping power. Vehicle armor refers to the armor plating used mainly in military vehicles to withstand the impact of shrapnel, bullets, missiles, or shells, protecting the personnel inside from the enemy attack.

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UAV Drones

One of our partners DR. WAQAR SHAHID QURESHI has vast experience of UAV drones. Currently he is working on many UAV research related projects with the agriculture sector of Pakistan. His major skills include Computer vision, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Precision Agriculture. Our partner’s major projects are listed below.
  • Establishment NCRA - Robot Design and Development Lab – PSDP DF-10091 – 0031
  • Multispectral Aerial and Satellite imaging & Mapping for Agriculture – HEC-TDF-0182
  • Hand-held Fruit Maturity Estimation Device – PARC – ALP - AE007
  • Development of Robotic Arm through 3D printing - HEC Start-up Grant-972
  • Tele-operated Aerial spraying drone – HEC Start-up Grant – 1024
  • Facial Recognition Based Attendance System – G & IT Directorate
  • Selfie Drone Software for DJI Drone – MOE Taiwan
  • Eight-bar Parallel Manipulator Motion Control and Tracking
  • FreMEn Crowd Density Estimation and Advisory App
  • Bluetooth Contract Tracing and Advisory App
  • 3D Scanning Project XYZPrinting Inc. Taiwan

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