Military Driveline

1/4 Ton Chassis

¼ ton truck is light, off-road capable rolling chassis specifically designed and built for military light utility vehicles by Blitzkrieg Defense Solutions. The short wheelbase quarter ton chassis can accommodate 4 army personnel and have maximum payload of 530kg. It is powered by 2.5L turbo charged diesel engine.


Type: 1/4 Turbo Charged
Fuel Type: Diesel
Power: 90 Hp @ 4100 Rpm
Max Torque: 217 @ 2300 Nm

Curb Weight: 1880 Kgs
GVW: 2410 Kgs
Payload: 530 Kgs

Length: 4540 mm
Width: 1875 mm
Height: 1740 mm
Wheel Base: 2525 mm
Ground Clearance: 340 mm

Type: 4×4
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Transmission.
Transfer Case: 2 Speed
Fuel Tank: 110 Ltr

Seating Capacity: 4

Electric System (v): 24V

Speed: 135 km/hr.
Gradient: 60%.
Side Slope: 30%.

Turning Circle(m): 5.3
Cruising Range: 500 km

2 Ton Chassis

2 ton truck is highly engineered, military grade rolling chassis indigenously designed and built by Blitzkrieg Defense Solutions to accommodate various needs of military such as transporting tactical troops with or without armor and to carry injured off-road. The rolling chassis can accommodate payload of more than 2000kg and it is powered by 3.5L V6 Engine.


Fuel Type: Petrol / Diesel
Displacement (cc): 3500-4500
Power (Hp): 200 @ 5000 Rpm
Max Torque (Nm): 318 @ 4000 Rpm

Curb Weight: 3800 Kgs
GVW: 6000 Kgs
Payload: 2200 Kgs

Length: 5100 mm
Width: 1960 mm
Height: 1920 mm
Wheel Base: 2800 mm
Ground Clearance: 355 mm

Type: 4×4
Transmission: 5 Speed Automatic Transmission.
Transfer Case: 2 Speed
Tyre: 11.0R16Fuel Tank: 110 Ltr
Electric System (v): 12V/24V

Speed: 120 km/hr.
Gradient: 60%.
Side Slope: 30%.

Turning Circle(m): 6.2
Cruising Range: 500 km
Operating Temperature: -32 +55 Degree Celicus

5 Ton 4×4 Chassis

Pasha 5-ton 4×4 truck is run by a 300hp Cummins mounted with a 9-speed synchromesh Eaton transmission, giving it a very variable driveline that fits most torque needs. A long wheelbase complemented by a larger tire size reassures high mobility without compromising on bed space with minimal overhang.


Make: Cummins
Intake: Turbo Charged
Power: 224 Hp @ 2400 RPM
Torque: 990 Nm @ 1900 RPM

Curb Weight: 7000 kgs
GVW: 12000 Kgs
Payload: 5000 Kgs

Length: 7000 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 2400 mm (fire wall)

Wheel Base:4100 mm
Ground Clearance: 300 mm

Driveline: 4×4
Transmission: 9 Speed Synchromesh Manual

Transfer Case: 2 Speed
Tyre: 13.00 R20
Brakes: Dual circuit pneumatic brakes

Electrical system: 24V

Speed: 115 km/hr
Gradient: = 60%.
Side Slope: 30%.

Turning Circle(m): 20 m
Cruising Range: ≈350km
Operating Temperature: -32 +55 ᵒC

10 Ton 6×6 Chassis

The tenacious Pasha 6×6 10-ton truck is designed to combat harsh military applications and rigorous terrains. With a 450 hp Caterpillar engine running at its heart coupled with Caterpillar Transmission & Transfer Case, no challenge is big enough for this machine. Built for utmost endurance, its rugged off-road suspension enables It to push through the toughest cross-country.


Make: Caterpillar C9(Heavy Duty Diesel, Inline 6 cylinders, 4 stroke, 8.8 L, Electronic Controlled Fuel Injected, Turbocharged and After-cooled).
Power: Max 450 hp (336 kwW) @ 2200 RPM.
Max Torque: 1849 Nm @ 1900 RPM.

Type: Caterpillar CX28 Automatic Transmission (Electronically Controlled) 6 Speed Forward, 1 Reverse Automatic Transmission With Dedicated Hydraulic Coolers.

Curb Weight: 10 Tons
GVW: 20 Tons
Payload: 10 Tons

Length: 8700 mm
Width: 2500 mm (wheel to wheel)
Height: 2400 mm

Wheel Base: 5000 mm
Track Width: 2100 mm
Ground Clearance: 300 mm

Approach Angle: 36 Deg
Departure Angle: 30 Deg

Driveline: 6×6 with Differential Locks and Inter-Axle Lock.
Suspension: Rigid, Leaf Sprung Mil Grade Axles.
Transmission: CX-28 Caterpillar 6-Speed Automatic.

Transfer Case: Caterpillar 2 Speed with Longitudinal Lock.
Tyre: 13 R20.
Brakes: Dual circuit pneumatic brakes.Steering: TAS 75 Power Assisted Right Hand Steering.
Electrical system: 24V, 570 Amp Mil. Grade Alternator (C.E. Niehoff).

Speed: 105 km/hr.
Gradient: = 60%.
Side Slope: 30%.

Turning Circle(m): 21 m
Cruising Range: ≈500 km
Operating Temperature: -32 +55 ᵒC