Body Protection

We provide military personnel’s the protection they need in the line of duty by equipping them with Combat Helmets, Body Armour, Ballistic Shields & Blankets. Our protection solutions offer enhanced protection at lightest weights using smart technologies, design and features.

Bullet Proof Jacket

Our indigenously developed Ballistic Jackets are suitable for both military as well as non-military applications. Our jackets can be used as a stand alone or with Ballistic plates to further enhance protection levels. State-of-the-art technology is utilized to create a product that combines higher protection level with reduced weight. Our product can also be customized to meet customer’s specific needs. For detail specification please inqiure.

Ballistic Helmets

PASGT helmet is bolt-free and offers uniform protection from high velocity ballistic threats across the complex & compound shell of the PASGT Helmet. The stability harness and a very comfortable suspension system provides extra stability and comfort for prolonged usage and during tactical manoeuvres.

Ballistic Shields

shield that provides NIJ Level IV protection to the soldiers against high-velocity ballistic threats and fragments. It has a smart and sturdy frame to hold the shield stable when attacked by a high-speed threat. The shield has a conveniently positioned viewport to provide optimum visibility. The viewport is made of ballistic glass to provide clear vision and unhindered sight of the field. It also features a well-positioned gun port to allow the soldier to get into a conveniently firing position. The shield is made with non-toxic and fire and UV-resistant materials. Its rugged and sturdy structure is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Bomb Blanket

Bomb Blankets are used for blast mitigation and minimizing the risk of secondary fragmentation from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). They are effective against most pipe bombs, hand grenade fragments, fragmentation caused by pressure and electrical explosions. Using the latest Kevlar™ technologies, BDS manufactures bomb blankets by stitching layers of Kevlar™ with other proprietary materials, providing a lightweight, flexible bomb suppression blanket that better absorbs the blast impact and resulting fragmentation minimizing blast impact.